A downloadable game for Windows

Ramen and cats... what more could anyone ask for?

Meow Brawl is an 1V1 arena styled, PC local multiplayer game.

Gain points by using your defence ability to deflect the ball successfully. If you've taken ownership of the ball, you can also use it to collect additional points by passing it through fish items that spawn in throughout the level! However if you're hit by the ball and don't deflect it in time, you will lose points and those will be given to your enemy instead!

You've got 90 seconds to prove your cat-like prowess against your opponent.

Think you've got what it takes?


Design and Sound/Music: John Walden

Art: Mariana Salimena

Install instructions

Download and open the .exe file to play.


MeowBrawlBuild.zip 30 MB


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Really funny, looks amazing, simple and clever. Good job!